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Revamped version of the percent display on the HUD. Includes both a traditional “white with black stroke” and a more stylized “black with white stroke” version. Intended to be used via the “load custom textures” option in the graphics settings. Font is called “flood”.

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Great work! Loving the mix of Animelee, these fonts and the SSBU stock icons!

Agreed. This is really starting to look like Melee 2. With a few more fresh stages and menu overhauls we’ll be set.

i put the files in textures and went to settings to turn on custom textures, that usually works, am i supposed to move the psd files somewhere? convert them and put them in dat texture wizard? im havin trouble :/

Can someone explain how to get these to work in Dolphin? I added them to the folder and enabled the option in Dolphin for Load Custom Textures. No results.

Friend helped me out. What ever textures you want to load via Dolphin\FM-Slippi-2.2.5-Win\User\Load\Textures must be put into a folder in which it’s name matches the first 3 characters of your Melee ISO game ID. Which is usually GALE01.

So I took the files downloaded here and put them into

Then in Dolphin, Graphics – Advanced – Load Custom Textures