Poorly Drawn CSS without CSP’s

Original Artwork by: MJFeehan
Edits by: Tonedawg

The “Poorly Drawn CSS and CSPs” texture made by MJFeehan was one of the most appealing looking css’s to me, but when I installed it I noticed a lot of inconsistencies in the portraits. There was alignment issues on some of the borders, random lines on some of the names, and missing pixels on the borders. I PAINSTAKINGLY went into photoshop and cleaned up each one.

I also wasn’t a huge fan of the full CSP busts also being animated (sorry MJFeehan) so I went back into the dat wizard and replaced them with the default csp’s along with the hand. His artwork is great but it was just too much for me.

I asked his permission before posting this re-edit.

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i like the fixing part but exchanging the pics goes too far D:

The more I played with the pics the more it just felt “off” to me, and I was having a hard time getting into a serious mindset for tournament. That’s why I chose to remove the csp’s. It’s very possible to put them back in if u want a combination of the fix’s I made above and the artwork below, if u download both and dat wizard them back in. (I would suggest taking the top portraits from mine and adding them to his rather than the other way around, it will be a shorter process). I hope that helps.