Scythe’s Slippi Music Pack

Music Pack compatible through Slippi through the use of m’overlay 

Features music from:



Street Fighter III

Yung Bae

Macintosh Plus

Mega Man Zero 2

Melty Blood and more


  1. Download extract and open the m’overlay launcher and store it in a directory of your choice
  2. Extract the music pack
  3.  Open m’overlay go to the Slippi tab and select ‘melee: rollback’ then go to the melee tab and tick the ‘enable music’ box 
  4.  Go to the general tab in m’overlay and click ‘open config directory’
  5. Once that’s open go to the melee folder
  6.  To add the custom menu music in drag in the ‘menu music’ folder from your music pack onto the melee folder and replace
  7. To add the custom stage music open the ‘stage music’ folder and drag the stage folders from the music pack onto the stage music folder and replace
  8.  Tip – Music can be skipped/ scrolled through in game through a direction of your choice (for example Hitting right on the dpad) to enable this go to the melee tab on m’overlay click ‘skip track combo’ and assign it to an input of your choice
  9. Enjoy!!! Comment for any questions/Support
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