Dragon King: The Fighting Game HUD and Audio

A minor HUD/UI and sound edit for the percentages that 1. removes the stock icons for 4 of Captain Falcon’s costumes as well as his series icon and 2. modifies Falcon’s sounds and the general sound effects to be more Smash 64-like.

The design of the percentages here is supposed to mimic what’s seen in Dragon King: The Fighting Game screenshots.

Stock icons are removed for Captain Falcon’s Red, Blue, Green, and Gray costumes.

Included .ssm files are to replace Captain Falcon’s sound file to remove his voice, and main.ssm is to replace most of the sounds with Smash 64 hit sounds. I’ve also removed the announcer’s voice in a few key areas also for my own purposes.

I’ve also included some sound files in case you want to replace the hit sounds with the Japanese Smash 64 hit sounds as well as the announcer sounds from Smash 64 in case you’d like to replace anything with those.

Made to be used with Dragon King: The Fighting Game Mod Pack by Bikes for Sale.

I also used Hybrid 64 as the base mod to get that neat Up Smash you see in the video I made.

Video demonstration here: https://youtu.be/5htNfZu25Lw

*Please note that the video contains some video editing trickery and isn’t fully representative about how these combination of mods will perform.

One more thing to note, for whatever reason the stage in Bikes for Sale’s pack doesn’t work on console. It’s super broken, but it will work on Dolphin.


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