Melee HD texture pack with Smash 2 CSS and stocks

This texture pack includes:

  • Smash 2 themed CSS and stocks,
    made by Spigel, AlGeorgeRomo, KTH and Moe with credit to the Cosmetic Standardization Project Backroom, edited for Melee by me (including new stock icons for Fox and a fix to Ice Climbers’ third skin’s render and stocks);
  • other assets to upscale every texture in the game with a single pack,
    by David V. Kimball, UnclePunch and other community members;
  • modern series icons from Ultimate;
  • extra textures for Training Mode by me and from UnclePunch’s pack.

If you play Project Plus you should recognize these poses!

There are two versions of this texture pack: one is for Melee with standard proportions, while the other is specifically optimized to work with the Widescreen 16:9 gecko code made by Dan Salvato, mirrorbender, Achilles1515 and UnclePunch.
Using the wrong pack will make CSS and stocks look odd; you can recognize the pack for each mode with the names of the Drive folders.

Last mod update: 23 May 2021


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would this pack work on console as well, or does it only work with slippi online?

Some of the things in this pack look great! But i was curious is there a faster way to import it in bulk? The only way i know how to change things is one at a time in dat wizard. Do you need to manually replace each image?

Would it be possible to make a version compatible with DatWizard? I like this mod but the only one that works with DatWizard has the choppy sky background.

Hi, i just want to use the CSPs and CSS Icons textures, y put bot folders in User\Load\Textures\GALE01, the CSPs load without problems, but the CSS icons no load, you know what can i be doing wrong?