not melee 3

not melee 3 is out with stages that should reduce the amount of things being rendered by a LOT and improvements

  • starving stages (minimal stage objects rendered)
  • hitbox cheating (no character models rendered)
  • VERY low spec
  • tested online, should have no desyncs





notkult wuz here

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This would slap with costume/port dependent hurtbox colors

so true… might have to figure out how to add it

btw, these are the hitbox codes. :

hitboxes white opaque = 044d36AC fffffffe
grab box red opaque = 044D36A4 f00000fe
hurtbox red opaque = 044D36A0 f00000fe
Invincible hurtbox red opaque = 044D36B4 f00000fe
Intangible hurtbox red opaque = 044D36BC f00000fe
Shield collision red opaque = 044D36C4 f00000fe
Reflector collision red opaque = 044D36CC f00000fe
Detection box color (i.e. Ganondorf/Falcon side-B) red opaque = 044D36DC f00000fe


$not melee hitboxes
044d36AC fffffffe
044D36A4 f00000fe
044D36A0 f00000fe
044D36B4 f00000fe
044D36BC f00000fe
044D36C4 f00000fe
044D36CC f00000fe
044D36DC f00000fe

Odd problem; Anytime a character comes back from the Angel Platform, they’re invisible until they’re vulnerable. Same goes for when they are Intangible.

yeah I left that in on purpose because I liked it when I tried this code
$Disable Invinc/Intang Hurtbox Display
04080764 38000000

so you can disable that with mcm but see if it helps you notice anything

Tried a few games, I don’t really like it when I can’t see my character after a Respawn, or a Ledgedash. Also seems odd that I’d not want to know if my character did a Roll or Spotdodge or whatnot when on the edge of a platform, no?

yeah, you’re right. I originally left it in because i thought it would help with learning when you’re invincible (for timing, etc) and i wanted to leave it to kind of balance out the fact that you can see the hurtboxes to maybe even out the fairness if you’re playing against someone with vanilla melee, but here’s a patch that makes the invinc/intang hurtboxes a dark red color instead of invisible so you can still see it:

also you can change the hitbox colors to whatever color you wish by using the hitbox codes I posted earlier.

so for example in this code:
044d36AC fffffffe

ffffff is the part of the code for white and fe at the end shows that it’s opaque (not transparent/see through). so, you could look up color hex codes and you can change anything you want. also it probably wouldn’t be too hard to make a code that checks which costume you chose and changes the hitbox color depending on which costume you chose.

so if you wanted to change the white hitboxes to a shade of blue it would be:

044d36AC 0055fffe

it was a while ago now, but I’m pretty sure I used a debug version of dolphin to find these hitbox codes myself after following internetexplorer’s tutorial on how to search for codes because I couldn’t find any codes online/on smashboards about changing the color of the hitboxes or how to do it.

or most likely I only figured out how to change the color and make them opaque. I remember that if you put (I believe) ff instead of fe it made the hitboxes look shiny/3d or something like that.