Octagon 2 Alts + Stage Pack

You saw them in the Octagon 2 – now it’s your turn!
I’m excited to release the alt skins featured in the event, the GG Final Destination, plus a few recolours that didn’t make the cut. 
Grab the pack and play as Mango, Ginger, Moky, iBDW, Hungrybox, Scar and S2J!
Models replace Neutral and Blue Falco, Green and Lavender Fox, Green Puff and Neutral Falcon

Netplay safe / Slippi compatible (2.3.0 +) | No changes to hitbox/etc. | #freemelee

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This is sick, the previous one that someone else released didn’t include Puff and both versions of Fox/Falco so this is super dope

This is so great! Thanks!

where’s Toph