Neo Destination | Animelee

A unique light blue and purple Final Destination stage with a unique background (taken from the Trophy Event Matches) in the Animelee style.

Update 5/7/2023: was broken without UnclePunch’s dynamic alt stages, now works both with and without it.

Update 5/9/2023: added rainbow variant by request from Suave. Credit to Primal for the original stage.

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Looks fire but crashes the game for me

Last edited 1 month ago by Nolra

Didn’t work :/ freezes after you pick FD in stage select.

Wow I love this. Any chance for a rainbow FD? I really like this though


Actually it crashes for me :/

rainbow one also crashes for me, the regular one works fine

as soon as the lines coming from the vortex start becoming numerous it crashes my game