Simple Fountain

Here is Simple Fountain

by Scroll

It is a part of the Reduc Collection.

No background, tons of artifacts removed, and easy on the eyes colors.

The bottom part of the stage is invisible but you can still wall jump and tech down there.



I am aware this stage performs slightly different offline vs online.

It is being worked on and hopefully fixed soon

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dude im so excited for you to release the rest of this series 🙂 i check back here a few times a week. just dont quit halfway please a full set would be so cool

Does this still have netplay issues, and do any of the other Reduc collection stages have netplay issues? I really like them but obviously can’t use them if they’re not netplay-safe.

I think putting a light silhouette for the bottom part of the stage, for all the Reduc collection stages, would be a good addition to make the stages more usable without adding much visual noise.

Thanks for your work on this!