Castle Siege for SSBM (definitive version?)

Ossu! Ora Gokou! Nah I’m kidding. It’s just me, anchorman. I came here for what is possibly the final version of my Castle Siege stage. Emphasis on “possibly”, since I can always come back to it. I just feel now confident to release it.

There are three variations: my variation, one inspired by Smash 2 and the last but not least (regardless of CrashWaffleCat’s behavior) one inspired by Codename: Melee Deluxe.

(No, shadows aren’t here; forgot to update the flag for it on the root_node.)

Credits: Smash 2 Team for the textures and models, cjag_ssbm for the initial model edit (and collision), and CrashWaffleCat for fixing the water. 

To use any variant in a modpack, please credit accordingly.

See ya in the Shadow Realm. -anchorman




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