Dynamic Alternate Stages v2.6

Update 8/15/23:
– Stages now use the particle data in the alternate stage file.
– Fountain of Dreams uses the background star model (GrdIzumiStar_TopN_joint) from the alternate stage file.
– Pokemon Stadium uses the monitor text data (SIS_GrPStadiumData) from the alternate stage file. This allows the base stage file to be much smaller and should alleviate crashes with certain character combinations due to lack of available memory.

Update 8/10/23:
– Add ability to specify button alts! e.g. place “(L)” anywhere in the alt stage filename to load it when a player holds the L button. Valid buttons are LRZBXY.
– Fix Dreamland desync on Slippi (Dedede wasn’t spawning and threw off RNG)

Mod Description:
Tired of playing on the same stage skin every match? With Dynamic Alternate Stages, you can have a fresh new look for tournament legal stages each time you select them.
Simply replace the original stage files with the files provided, and add as many additional stage skins as you want!
m-ex required.
Console + Slippi Online safe.
Alternate stage skins must be placed in the appropriate folder.
Full instructions included in zip.
Please complete the required fields.
Email address and issue descriptions are optional and encouraged.

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I’ve been waiting for a mod like this forever! Too many banger stage skins out there. Thank you for this!

is there a chance that i could receive some more specific instructions to install this mod, since i wanna use it but the instructions are difficult to follow for my retard brain

ok so the program allows you to mount stages of your own in a folder, so the game reads a different stage when you get to play which might be wrong idk lol, but regardless it would be fun for people to upload their folders cus i am lazy


Holy shit this is crazy! Tysm!

YO this is sick


Does this also change stage music? Like what if I want FoD music but also Wind Waker FoD music?

That’s insane! So, even in unranked when you don’t select the stage, can you play different texture version of the same stage?

This is sick! The community thanks you!

This is absolutely incredible!! I’ve got the biggest, dumbest smile on my face just resetting battlefield to watch as the alts change. Fantastic work!!

This sometimes crashes if I load into a pokemon stadium skin on unranked is there a fix to this?

Last edited 1 year ago by RNGReallyNotGood

Hey this doesn’t work on the latest slippi update :./

If you’re having issues like the game crashing when loading a stage in this new version, try shortening the names of the alternate stages, it actually has a maximum character limit, I’m not sure what is it, but try keeping it like 4 letters short and it should be fine

this sadly doesnt seem to work for me

i’m just getting: disc could not be read, on boot…
any advice?

[…] Dynamic Alternate Stages Loader is already included in this pack. This means you can add additional Final Destination, Battlefield, Dream Land, Yoshi’s Story, Fountain of Dreams, and Pokemon Stadium alt stages and they will randomly cycle through them once selected. See the folder names GrIz, GrNBa, GrNLa, GrOp, GRPs, and GrSt. The default stage is in there already. To add more, add additional Fountain of Dreams stage files into GrIz, and match that format for the other stages. […]