Hyrule Fightlcub

Weenie Hut Jr. is closed. Welcome to the Fightclub!

works with slippi – works on console

Took some time to remove the fluff in Hyrule Temple.
Only assets found in Hyrule Temple were used to preserve the vanilla looks and feel of the stage.

This Stage can be imported over Hyrule Temple using DAT Texture Wizard and be played with anyone that also has it.  Also included is a M-Ex Import .zip to import it as additional Stage using M-Ex Tool.

Known Issues:
Some of the of the textures appear straight black on console, this will be fixed in the future.

Enjoy the Stage? Theres more where this came from!
This Stage was made as part of the Custom Stages Overhaul Pack, featuring 15 more overhauled custom Stages:
Custom Stages Overhaul v2


took inspiration from that og hyrule fightclub meme

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