mape mod 1 (Low Poly/Low Spec)

just figured out how to make this so I thought I would release the delta patch. ALL stages are basically updated/lighter background “not melee 3” except dreamland, pokemon stadium, and FOD are updated to be mape mod 1 stages. so if you just want the patch that’s all the info you need and you don’t have to read the rest of this.

originally I was just trying to make the background white instead of black for not melee 3. I also included a notepad about.txt that explains with a guide on how you can change the background of a stage (kind of) if you have the program HSdraw and want to mess around with it. if you try to figure it out and can’t then just join a melee modding discord because people there like to explain stuff 😀


here’s the about.txt so you don’t have to download it to read:

“was messing with hsdraw, was trying to add a background to other stages by copying the one from dreamland. ended up with a large blank object. so, wanted to figure out how to give an object a texture so i could use any image as the background image. so what do you do basically to give this object a texture? in the objects tab, with the joint selected, click MOBJ Material next to Edit and the Up/Down/Minus/Eye icons. then Edit (first option in the drop down window) to edit the material. in this window you can import a png image (make sure it’s pretty low res – it will show up weird in game with an image that is too high res) and then import it into your iso with DAT texture wizard. so when I figured out how to do this I basically took these backgrounds from mape and made this and thought i might as well upload it and tell people how to change the bg. I did kerning pokemon stadium first (learned how to do it basically with this one) then messed with dreamland and turned the whispy nose into the orbis ship. I had to mess with a lot more stuff in HSdraw to do this, but I barely know wtf I did and was just messing with stuff so yeah don’t really know how to explain that. might update this, time will tell – notkult aka quit aka KULT”



notkult wuz here

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hell right brother here’s a start, cheers

here are just the stage files if you just want the maple stages btw