P+ Castle Siege for SSBM update

Missed me yet? No. So Javi released an import of P+’s Castle Siege using my Smash 2 port as a base. I really liked it, liked it so much more that I decided to cancel my CMDX Castle Siege release despite it being finished (along with another obvious reason I can’t state here). This contains my variation, the Smash 2 variation and the CMDX variation. 

Credits: Javi for the P+ CS import, P+ Development Team for their competitive CS, Smash 2 Team for background models and all textures. 

To use any variant in a modpack, please credit accordingly.

Fixed an issue that P+ Castle Siege (Smash 2) would have an error when importing the stage in m-ex.

So, as I pray, Unlimited Blade Works. -anchorman

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