Ricco Harbor

This is a custom stage based on Ricco Harbor in Super Mario Sunshine. The .zip file inside the original one is a complete MEX package that can be imported using the mex-tool. The model needs to be cleaned up, and the map looks odd when viewed through the camera, but that is all. (Oh, and an icon. I need an icon.)



Download the zip. Extract the first zip (the second one will have a .png and a .zip file). Then, in mex-tool, go to Stages->Import and select the downloaded zip file. Add to the Stage Select Screen (SSS) manually.

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I cant tell by looking at the picture, is this just fd? or is that a platform on the left side?

This stage looks so cool, & as a Sunshine lover it’s one of my favorite textures I’ve seen! Great job! I don’t have Melee does anyone have a video playing on it?