Starving Melee Stages

exported the Diet Melee ( stages, opened them in hsdraw, removed MORE objects from the stages, and changed most of the remaining objects to textureless outline meshes.

the name for the stages (starving) is the first thing I thought of when removing stuff from DIET melee.

just replace the stages in your iso using DAT texture wizard.

also, it is very easy to change the colors of pokemon stadium or change the platform colors from white to any color you want using hsdraw. just open the stage in hsdraw and find the map_head folder on the left. then open the ModelGroups_(HSDArrayAccessor’1), and open and check the Array folders (the actual stage objects will be in a different Array folder depending on the stage) by opening the RootNode and you will see parts of the stage. then you go to Objects on the panel to the right of the left most panel and you can change the color in the parameters section below the object you click and choose.

this only took a few hours to make thanks to a lot of work already being done by diet melee and other melee modders, just had to delete stuff from the stages mostly.

notkult wuz here

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pokemon doesn’t work in the download… Is named “.dat” instead of “.usd” and is not a “starved” version. It has a blank backround but the standard PS model. Please Fix. Besides that good work!

weird, it should be included, but here’s the pokemon .usd by itself:
thanks man, hope it works for you!