Untitled stages (Pack 1)

Welcome to my first stage pack ever released for Super Smash Bros. Melee! This pack includes the five fully custom stages I’ve made up to this point, including:

-Foreboding Forest: The final level from the Pikmin 2 romhack, Pikmin 251, is now in Super Smash Bros. Melee! Includes beautiful scenery and a battlefield-style layout.

-First Overworld: One of my most complex stages yet, this one based on the hub world from the SM64 romhack Star Revenge 2 (Act 1): To the Moon! Huge thank you to the hack’s creator, BroDute, for sending me the model and other assets so I could work on this. Features quite a view, and a unique layout that resembles an upside-down battlefield.

-Dearest Stage: You can now get freaky on a Friday night in Super Smash Bros. Melee! This stage is a collaboration with my friend Jones, and we made the stage where you face off against Daddy Dearest in Friday Night Funkin’. Nice and flat!

-Birabuto Kingdom: The first world from Super Mario Land, with the first level scrolling by and on an actual Game Boy! The layout is similar to that of Small Battlefield from Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.

-Halcandra Arena: A Kirby-themed stage based on the arena where you fight Galacta Knight in Kirby’s Return to Dreamland! Featuring a long, flat stage, ominous clouds rolling by, and a great sun in the background.

All credits for these stages are included in the download! Enjoy!

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[…] Untitled stages (Pack 1) […]

I’ve been looking for the right FD texture. That center image is perfect. Could I use that as an FD texture on netplay?