Patched Plains Dreamland

Patched Plains from Kirby Planet Robobot as a Dreamland Skin

Works with slippi

Thanks to Cjag for help with rendering settings and animations as well as Unclepunch for porting advice

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No need to pretend 🙂 Fixed it for you.

This is seriously too good, we don’t deserve this.

is there a way to indicate whispy’s wind

This looks amazing! Thank you for making such a crazy awesome looking stage!

coolest dreamland skin ever! I love it! amazing! I just wish those pillars near the ledge didn’t obscure characters behind it so much

Please, dear god, remove those pillars near the ledge. The literal only reason I don’t run this DL rn. Pls, pls, pllllllllls.

^Yeah what he said ^

There’s a quick way to delete them but it also deletes the metal pillars in the background on the stage. Worth it IMO.

In DAT Texture Wizard go to the DAT file of this Dream Land mod under the model tab and toggle on Disable Polygon Rendering for 0x280A0 this will turn off the the two large metal pillars in the background and the two small ones in the foreground (the two in the way). Then set Transparency Control to 0% on 0x238A0 and 0x24B80. This will get rid of the floating textures left behind. Hope this helps.