Namek Stadium

Pokemon Stadium with the background of planet Namek from Dragon Ball Z. The stadium also has a Dragon Ball logo in the middle.

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crash :/

When saving over .usd for Pokemon there is no crash on current Slippi build of Dolphin. Works great and looks great!

Getting a crash as well, importing through DAT Texture Wizard. If anyone isn’t getting a crash please share your methods

I haven’t been getting any crashes. I actually added this to my iso, then replaced all the textures with new ones through dolphin. So I’m running an ultra high res version of this. (with a twist)

When i imported the usd. to the dat texture wizard, the namek PS map did not come up. sadly I only got a usd. so I’m currently confused on what is happening and where the dat file is.

The .USD is the file you’re looking for. PS doesn’t have a .DAT file.

Can we get a version with the display removed? Looks nice otherwise.