The Big One – Pokemon Stadium

Enjoy the Pokemon Stadium variant as seen during Rollback Rumble: The Big One.

Special thanks to Primal, Raoul Duke, and UnclePunch for help along the way.

Netplay safe / Slippi compatible (2.3.0 +)


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this will not boot in game for me

weird, ive been using it for days now and i had zero problems on slippi unranked. Did you replace the .usd file? Because Pokemon Stadium has 2 files with different fileendings. The one with .usd ending is the one, that you have to replace.

Stage crashes dolphin whenever I load it up while using the Falco thief skin ( Any way to get this fixed? Thanks

same happens to me 🙁

Easily the best alt stadium- the problem is at least half the time this stage freezes my game. You should check into the bugs because this is a great stage.

Any chance we could get this without the text in the middle?
Looks really nice though.

Sick stage. Plz make compatible with console!