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A combination of Primal’s M22 Remastered Dreamland and Skraton’s Return to Dreamland – Night stages, the nearly-definitive* Animelee Remastered versions of Dream Land are here.

I wasn’t satisfied with the 2D / pixelated remnants of Smash 64’s Dream Land found in each Animelee version of Dream Land, so I tried to adopt as much of Return to Dream Land as possible while also keeping aspects of it faithful to Animelee.

*Above I say “nearly-definitive” because each version is not quite where I want it to be. I will explain below.

I created a day time and night time variant. Each version has:

  • 3D Whispy
  • 3D Stars on Whispy
  • Green Greens background with animated water
  • High res flowers
  • Animelee Platforms

However, only the day time version has:

  • Animated background clouds
  • Dedede/Bronto Burts

Only the night time version has:

  • Proper high poly + high res base stage
  • Proper bushes on the sides instead of stumps

Additionally, on both, I had to cull out the mountains in the background because of some where z-index priority where they would only appear behind the islands. It’s something hard-coded into the Array it’s in.

Nevertheless, I consider both stages upgrades from the current Animelee stages available, so enjoy these versions for now and look forward to updates in the future as I make various improvements + get community help.

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