Termina Field (Southern Swamp)

Revisit the Southern Swamp of Termina through this texture mod for Dreamland!

Features: Tatl and Tael make an appearance as well as Skullkid. The Deep Python isn’t guarding Pinnacle Rock any more; instead they’re drying out on a tree branch. Takkuri can be spotting flying around though they won’t steal anything from you here. Deku Link can also be seen flying with his leaves!

Thanks to Milun for making their Rokovoj Bereg mod for Dreamland. Without there aesthetic changes to use as a base, my mod wouldn’t exist!

SLIPPI SAFE — this is 1:1 Dreamland with texture changes only. Wind is still enabled.

Feel free to use this as a base for your own mod!

Mod author: SheeshFr

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Super sick, I love it!! Sign my chest!!!!!!!!!!!