Animelee BotW & Silver Sheik Skins + CSS Portraits

This is a Sheik main’s Animelee pack which includes a complete overhaul of Vancity Primal’s base Sheik skins by changing her skin tone to match her aesthetic in Ultimate. It also fixes the wrap on her fingers with shading included as well as recoloring her feet wraps.

Also included in this pack is a Sheik recolor to match Breath of the Wild accurately. There is also a silver Sheik recolor as seen in Smash Ultimate. I have included Character Select Screen Portraits to match these two outfits. You will need to replace the costumes in DAT Texture Wizard and you can simply put the CSS portraits in the GALE01 dolphin folder.

You can follow this link and the link within to download stock icons to go with this if you like the Ultimate stock icon aesthetic:

Special thanks to Vancity Primal for Animelee and Aeth for giving me the base to build silver Sheik.

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whats the name of the FD you took the screenshots on?