Accurate Ultimate Stock Icons Supplement

This is an update to Birran’s Accurate Ultimate Stock Icons (Melee HD File), which can be found here:

I updated certain characters stock icons to resemble more closely the poses and sometimes color you would find in vanilla Melee while keeping the minimalist art style we appreciate from Smash Ultimate.

Some stock icons I merely enlarged to match the correct proportions you would find in vanilla Melee. Other stock icons I simply flipped the image horizontally so the character is facing the direction you would find in vanilla Melee, such as Yoshi, who correctly faces left in Melee. I swapped out Jigglypuff for the Ultimate style Jigglypuff icons simply because I don’t think they needed a makeover. In the zip file you will find additional icons for Peach, Sheik and Samus for Daisy’s crown color correction if you have the skin which changes her pink crown to gold, Sheik’s black outfit with silver hair and Samus’ Metroid Dread skin.

The beauty in this supplement is that once you have Birran’s and my pack you can mix and match as you see fit so long as you’re using the Melee HD files. Please leave us any feedback you have. 

Special thanks to Birran and others who have made this possible.

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UPDATE: I forgot to mention that only the stock icons pictured have been substantially redone.

Hey, having a hard time finding the location to replace the stock icons.

Hey there, so the pathway for the mod folder should look something like this on your computer:

C:\Users\username\Documents\Dolphin Emulator\Load\Textures\GALE01

If there is no GALE01 folder you can simply create that yourself. Don’t change the stock icon file names since that’s what Dolphin uses to allocate them properly when the game is running.

As long as the icons are in the GALE01 folder it doesn’t matter how you organize them or in what folders each icon is in at all. Good luck and let me know if you have more trouble getting yourself set up.

Are you able to use these files to directly edit them in DATTextureWizard?

No you can’t, unfortunately. This is because these files are larger than the vanilla files in DAT Texture Wizard and will error because of this. You could scale the files down in order to put them in. They’re large in order to look crisp in HD.

Nice work! 🙂
I definitely agree with making Shiek’s alts more distinctive. I might have to do that with a couple of others characters as well.

Last edited 1 year ago by Birran

These are my stock icons of choice for Animelee. Great job!

Hey there! Can you please contact me on Twitter or Discord? davidvkimball#0001