Accurate Ultimate Stock Icons

Ultimate-styled stock icons that are more accurate to the character designs of Melee. Some are mere color changes like: Ice Climbers, Ness and Pikachu, but some are completely new like: Fox, Mario, Zelda, Ganondorf and more!

There are to two color options:
Melee Colors: Fits well with the aesthetic of Melee!
Ultimate Colors: Brighter colors taken straight from the Ultimate icons!

Shoutouts to David V. Kimball for the HD hud in the last screenshot:


Update: Changed Fox’s Melee recolors

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Thank you for the shout out!

Really clean, nice work!

Love it

I love the remade Zelda one, spot on imo

I really want to use these I just don’t know what files to replace(going to pair it with Animelee). Also some of the textures aren’t seperated by melee and ultimate once you click on the character file. So some of the color differences are so minor i can barely tell (though less important, I’d just pick what I prefer). If anyone can help please do.

Hey, so I used the regular Melee Colors folder, imported and replaced all the stock icons with the new icons, but they are still showing as the stock ones. I’m not sure what went wrong.