Animelee | Sigurd (Fire Emblem 4) Marth

An alt for Marth that resembles Sigurd from Fire Emblem 4 (found here: has quickly become my favorite alt for Marth, and so I’ve recreated it in Animelee style. Enjoy!

CSP and stock icons are included.

I’ve also included modernized stock icons, for those who use Waga’s Modernized Stock Icons (found here:

Thanks to Waga for giving me permission to modify and include his stock icons!

Background stage can be found here:

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How do I put the PIMsBu.dat into the neutral marth spot?

Never mind my brain is huge. If anyone else is stuck here are some steps:
1) Open the PIMsBu.dat file and export the top texture that is a bunch of unintelligible pixels.
2) Then, open the texture you want to replace, and import your pixels over the pixels on that texture.

Good Luck!

good to see the Sigurd idea put into this style

Last edited 3 months ago by icarus

i was unregistered when i made this, nice to see someone enjoyed it enough to make a new creation!

in hindsight its not that big of a deal to me as, I’m just happy someone enjoyed it enough to do something like this with it