Modernized Stock Icons

Modernized melee-styled versions of all the 26 original character’s stock icons.

Keeps true to melee’s pixel-art styled icons while presenting more appealing visuals and more true-to-character designs without compromising doubles player’s ability to pick out which icon is theirs!

Replaces all 26 vanilla stock icons and their respective colors.


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No ifAll file included?

No, you will need to import them individually yourself. It takes some time, but it isn’t very difficult. It took me maybe 10 minutes.

I dig it

They look rly good, modern but still in a retro fashion.

Whoa whoa whoa hold on. This is actually incredibly clean. Thanks for making this and sharing!! 😀 Gave it a like.

Is there any chance of making higher resolution versions for use in Dolphin via custom textures? Same art and everything, just larger image size I mean. ^^

Would you ever consider making one for the other chars like Male Wireframe?