Modernized Stock Icons

**FINAL UPDATE** 3/9/22

The following characters have been given visual updates:
Mario (Green), Luigi (Neutral), Yoshi, Ice Climbers, Jigglypuff

**UPDATE** 3/7/22

The following characters have been given visual updates:
Marth, Pikachu, Fox, Sheik, Roy, Captain Falcon, Peach

Some of the changes made to these characters (Marth, Peach, Captain Falcon, Roy,  Icies, and Jigglypuff) have made their icons more difficult to differentiate between each other at a quick glance. As such, their old versions are still available if you wish to use them.


Modernized melee-styled versions of all the 26 original character’s stock icons.

Keeps true to melee’s pixel-art styled icons while presenting more appealing visuals and more true-to-character designs !

Replaces all 26 vanilla stock icons and their respective colors.

If you would like an up-scaled, HD version for use with Dolphin, click this link:


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No ifAll file included?

No, you will need to import them individually yourself. It takes some time, but it isn’t very difficult. It took me maybe 10 minutes.

How do you use the IfAll file?

I dig it

They look rly good, modern but still in a retro fashion.

Whoa whoa whoa hold on. This is actually incredibly clean. Thanks for making this and sharing!! 😀 Gave it a like.

Is there any chance of making higher resolution versions for use in Dolphin via custom textures? Same art and everything, just larger image size I mean. ^^

Would you ever consider making one for the other chars like Male Wireframe?

This is so good! Looks quite similar to the modern 2d games coming from Nintendo like a link between worlds and uh maybe the Mario & Luigi games. Super good work

[…] These icons are for Dolphin use ONLY, they CAN NOT be used on console.If you would like to use the above icons on console, the original stock icons can be found here: […]

These look gorgeous!
Are you okay with others modifying these, for use with custom alt costumes?