Ayumi Tachibana Mod Pack

Ayumi Tachibana makes her way into Melee! This mod replaces and modifies the model and stats for the Female Wireframe character to give better gameplay enhancements.  In addition, she is also given her own unique voice lines for when she attacks! This mod also includes a CSS portrait, stock, and emblem for an authentic experience.


Short Showcase Vid Here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1oY_XaWCMlc


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Yo, this is really cool. Ever since I first played Famicom Detective Club I have thought it would be really cool to have Ayumi in melee as she was briefly considered. Even though it’s just Female Wireframe seeing her in any capacity is really cool. Great work!

[…] Ayumi Tachibana Mod Pack […]

The truth is that it is good that she gets a spot, especially knowing that she was intended to be in Melee. However, I see that she still lacks a lot. First, it was clear to me that Ayumi would be the same height as Zelda, but she looks a little weird with the latter’s rig; and second, she lacks of specials.

Don’t worry, I can help you improve the mod so that she becomes a complete fighter. I have prepared a file with the moveset and other ideas that I made for her. You can answer me whenever you want, and I’ll pass you the file.

[…] Ayumi Tachibana Mod Pack […]