DIO Ganondorf

A public release of my DIO Ganondorf texture, originally premiering in @UltimaNylocke’s “Ultimabuild V2!” Texture goes over Green and comes with a stock icon 🙂

There is also a CSP that I made for him available here: https://ssbmtextures.com/other-mod-types/dio-ganondorf-csp/


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This one’s got the sauce, superb work

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Love this model, wish there was more Jojo’s content. Does kinda urk me that it doesn’t come with a low-poly for when he’s far offstage.

[…] I took the chest texture and repurposed the boot texture to create the belts from this mod by Eazy: https://ssbmtextures.com/characters/dio-ganondorf/ […]