Falco Drip Set

Full set of falco skins with a urban theme.
Color’s match the original so it is doubles compatible.
This is an example of what you can make with PrimalDat’s Varsity Mod pack

How to install


-Replace each of the falco colors with the ones in the “skins” folder
(It will warn you when saving, just continue)
(Most Likely it will create a new ISO you can just toss the old one)

-CSS Portraits

-Option One
-replace falco’s csp’s with datTexture wizard. Theyre located in [MnsLChr.usd (Character Select Screen English)]

-Option Two
-Put the files in option two into your dolphin load and check “load custom textures” in settings


-Orgianl 80’s falco by VikingSteeez

-This was possible due to primal dat’s varcity mod pack:

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Can these be used in 20XX? Replacing with one of these skins doesn’t work on DAT Texture Wizard and when using GCR it says the file is too big. Thanks!

It will pop up an error because these are bigger than the vanilla files you just have to continue anyways, I recommend using dat-texture wizard. Dont worry if it says file to big thats normal

If you could make these animelee that would so cool