Falco Drip Set

Full set of falco skins with a urban theme.
Color’s match the original so it is doubles compatible.
This is an example of what you can make with PrimalDat’s Varsity Mod pack

How to install


-Replace each of the falco colors with the ones in the “skins” folder
(It will warn you when saving, just continue)
(Most Likely it will create a new ISO you can just toss the old one)

-CSS Portraits

-Option One
-replace falco’s csp’s with datTexture wizard. Theyre located in [MnsLChr.usd (Character Select Screen English)]

-Option Two
-Put the files in option two into your dolphin load and check “load custom textures” in settings


-Orgianl 80’s falco by VikingSteeez

-This was possible due to primal dat’s varcity mod pack:

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