Hungrybox Puff

Play as Hungrybox himself!

This is not a competitively viable mod due to the missing arms/legs – although it does work online. 

Model replaces Neutral Puff

Netplay safe / Slippi compatible (2.3.0 +) | No changes to hitbox/etc. | #freemelee

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[…] Hungrybox Puff […]

This is incredible.

As an alternative for arms or legs (so we have something to see), this box should hit with its tongue. Imagine how epic it would be! You hit with a back air, so the box spins in the air as it hits with and extended tongue. Truly monstrous!

Oh and it needs Hbox sounds over Puff’s.

could you make one with arms and legs? Just make them white or something, Id love to use this model.