Falco Keyblades

Falco now sports dual keyblades on his back similar to Sora’s KHII drive forms or when he’s fighting Roxas. I also included the PLANITB remix of simple and clean as a bonus!

CSP for Sora and Roxas skins.

Sora Falco skin by Michael Ashby/SuperCres, Keyblades from model-resource.com

No Mex-Tool required! Simply replace the costume file of your choice.

No changes to hitboxes or bones. I haven’t noticed any lag or desyncs so it’s netplay safe as far as I’ve tested.

If you know how to use blender and want to swap the keyblades for others. Click this DOWNLOAD LINK for all my blender files I used to make the skin (Only use these if you know what your doing, I have a rubber band bubble gum approach to modeling so some things could break or are already broken.) I was planning on making drive form skins but I wasn’t happy with my texture work and gave up. So feel free to pick up where I left off.

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dope af

Genuinely warms my heart to see my skin used for this <3 Beautiful work

this is the craziest one omg i love it

Anyone who’s willing to make animelee versions of these I will have your kids