Val’s Custom Melee Pack

Thanks to the amazing efforts of melee modding, the modders behind the scenes, and amazing creators, a large modpack has been made

This pack for melee includes Costumes, Stages, Music, and a few extra characters such as Wolf from the Akaneia build, Lucas from the Blue Build, Shadow Mewtwo, Mr. L, and Funky with their counterparts SD remix Movesets

A credits list is included with credits to each skin and custom character

only credit i can give myself are the custom portraits, some music, and a 2 costumes for Lucas

This is Slippi compatible using the vanilla characters in unranked, and custom characters with Direct to others using this modpack

This modpack also is tested and works on console too and tested at a local in my scene

some costumes are missing credit, but thats due to no results, and i’ll update that when able to for next update, as well as any new characters added later

Future note, the SD remix clones will be taken out once more original movesets arrive, tho would be able to place back once Melee’s 33 character limit is resolved to go crazy with roster size

thank you for reading and downloading, and may you have fun

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How does one install this mod?

Last edited 29 days ago by Dr.M

Thank youu

Where can I follow you for updates ?

it seems this causes desyncs on unranked sometimes