Jigglypuff m-ex Costume Conversion CE

An updated version of Lyra’s release, based on the CE version of Jigglypuff: https://ssbmtextures.com/characters/jigglypuff-m-ex-costume-conversion-animelee-smash-64-recolors/

I’ve also included the fixed version of Animelee headband Jigglypuff for your convenience.

Note: this is m-ex compatible only.

Why m-ex users will find this is useful:

  1. You want to port over one type of Jigglypuff skin to another.
  2. You want to use a hat Puff costume over neutral.

Works with both Animelee and vanilla Melee skins.

You must use HSDraw in order to follow the conversion steps, and DAT Texture Wizard to see and replace all included textures (if relevant).

Credit to Lyra for uploading the original conversion template pack, to UnclePunch for helping with the Hibiscus alt with that said pack, and Primal for creating the Jigglypuff Animelee skins in the first place.

Credit to me for the Headband CE fix I guess.


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