Jigglypuff M-EX Costume Conversion + Animelee Smash 64 Recolors

This is an M-EX costume conversion for (Animelee) Jigglypuff. With these, you’ll be able to easily add extra Jigglypuff alts in M-EX.

If you have alts that break with M-EX, you can port them to these M-EX costumes by following the guide provided (see images, or Help.png in the zip file)

Use HSDRaw if you want to port skins to these costumes.

If you want to make your own Jigglypuff Animelee alts, you can simply edit these costumes directly. Use DAT Texture Wizard to extract the textures.

If you want to use these files as a base for your own mods/ports, go right ahead. Feel free to upload them, as well.

These conversions aren’t just for Animelee! You can port any Jigglypuff alt to them, as long as their accessories match (i.e if you have a headband alt, you’ll need to port it to Jigglypuff’s headband costume).

Huge thanks to UnclePunch for fixing the hibiscus alt for me! This pack would not have been possible without him!

I’ve also included an example mod as a showcase: Smash 64 recolors for Animelee Jigglypuff.

I hope you enjoy, and feel free to ask for help if you need further assistance. 

CSPs and stock icons are included.

I’ve also included modernized stock icons, for those who use Waga’s Modernized Stock Icons (found here: https://ssbmtextures.com/other-mod-types/modernized-stock-icons/).

Thanks to Waga for giving me permission to modify and include his stock icons!

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