Project M Paper Mario Thousand Year Door Peach Skin

A skin made for Midnight Melee  Released for the public!

Use mex tool to add it as its own costume 

There is also a file to replace the Vanilla Alt as well!

(  has not  tested with dat texture wizard might not work )  

Includes CSS portrait  and stock icon.
Fully slippi/netplay compatible 


Thank you  for the trailer:


Thank you for the ponytail from your Wedding skin:

Thank you for your eye shadow and face texture:

Thank you to the entire Project M team for the actual model Itself:


Thank you for fixing up the model to look and fit into melee by fixing the normals,
Editing the mesh to better fit melee peach And
Retexturing to a blood red to make her stand out more on the dark stages.

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any plans to make it animelee?