Kazuya Falcon

Kazuya joins the Melee!

Replaces Captain Falcon’s white/pink alt.

Versions for every color slot. Includes CSS portrait.

Fully Slippi/netplay compatible (no desyncs, aesthetic changes only)

I made a showcase you can see here: https://twitter.com/spamitburns/status/1410735056633536519

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YOOOOO, HOW TF, YOU GIVE HIM A REAL FACE! This may not be new, but this is the first face mod I’ve seen for him. Very impressive! Great work.

Last edited 2 years ago by Jasper

new favorite falcon skin 🔥

I wonder when are you guys gonna make a daredevil custome for this captain falcon lol yall know thats the one we need lol!! 🙂

and Mr. Clean too, why not 😉


my favorite melee texture of all time. use him every day