SpecOp Fox

SpecOp Fox

– Replaces any fox costume, for convenience
–  Pistol model separate
– Includes CSP & Stock icons
– Slippi 2.5 compatible


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Any chance of a version without the helmet or just with the goggles?
Personally not a fan of how much of his head is covered


The second part of this guide, talks about removing parts of models. I imagine you can do the same with this. The names may have changed a bit since DAT has been updated since then.

Seems easy enough, thanks for the heads up

Well it’s more involved than just removing the helmet model. Removing the goggles gets the job done fine, but the helmet has to be replaced with the original model. That I have no clue how to do lmao. I’ve spent the last few hours digging around in DTW and HSDRaw trying to get it working but no luck. If any of you get anywhere with it lemme know, I’m curious how it’d be done since I have no model hacking experience.

I can’t seem to find the pistol.dat filepath; any tips?