Phantom Ganon


Phantom Ganon, from his appareance from Ocarina of Time, the famous boss is now in Melee as costume.

It also comes with four recolors following Ganondorf. The result screen features the lance he owns on Ocarina of Time.

The credit goes to ploaj for HSDraw and Trikeboy for the Breath of The Wild Phantom Mask extracted and uploaded to Model Resource.

Twitter : @kth_ssbb

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umm, i cnt install it because i dont know witch color is witch.

i tried all of them and didnt work for me. what are we doing wrong OP?

me too, they gust dosent work ):

what’s wrong with the filenames none of the colors have the correct filenam

Coolest ganon skins, but yeah, they don’t work.

yeah, the skins are cool but dont work 🙁

the skins canNOT be put on through dat texture wizard but through M-EX Tool, for some reason not in description

Last edited 9 months ago by dlogan0013

m-ex tool is compatible with netplay?