Kongo Jungle Destination

This is a Final Destination Skin based on Kongo Jungle. Only Assets ripped from Kongo Jungle have been used to make it look as Vanilla as possible.

This was originally going to be a Pokemon Stadium Skin, but lining up the PS Collision with Kongo Jungle Rocks and Wood was more difficult than I expected. Maybe I’ll get around to actually making this into a PS Skin in the future.

Fixed lighting and shadows to resemble Kongo Jungles neutral lighting instead of FDs purple tinted one.

Collision and Camera is 1:1 with FD.

Tested and working on Slippi and Console

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works on console !

Didnt work for me on console. Tried DATWiz then MexTool after. Works on PC fine, but crashes on Wii(Nintendont)


the water clips through the stage on the right side, any way to fix this?