Kongo Jungle Destination

This is a Final Destination Skin based on Kongo Jungle. Only Assets ripped from Kongo Jungle have been used to make it look as Vanilla as possible.

This was originally going to be a Pokemon Stadium Skin, but lining up the PS Collision with Kongo Jungle Rocks and Wood was more difficult than I expected. Maybe I’ll get around to actually making this into a PS Skin in the future.

Fixed lighting and shadows to resemble Kongo Jungles neutral lighting instead of FDs purple tinted one.

Collision and Camera is 1:1 with FD.

Tested and working on Slippi and Console

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works on console !

Didnt work for me on console. Tried DATWiz then MexTool after. Works on PC fine, but crashes on Wii(Nintendont)