Slippy Toad (Custom Character)

  • The last member of the Star Fox team has finally arrived in/to Melee, Slippy!

in m-exTool, Characters, After importing Slippy to any build, click Slippy, section 5 – Kirby, where there are 2 Kirby files, name the following empty spaces:
Kirby Cap Filename: PlKbCpFx.dat
Kirby Cap Symbol: ftDataKirbyCopyFox
This was exported from Cool Melee, I just made the Slippy skin icons.
—————-Update List—————–
Release: Slippy Released
Update 1: Added Slippy Name Narrator Call
– Update 2: Fixed the bug that the game crashes when choosing Slippy and Kirby Fixed the bug that the game crashes when choosing Slippy and Kirby
(Note: The game will freeze if you try to absorb Slippy, if there is any way for Kirby to have the costume and ability that he has when he absorbs Fox, let me know)
– I also fixed other errors but I don’t remember which ones lol


Credits to bizzozeron for Slippy Fox Skin
Credits to Clevername22726 for Slippy Skins

Update: Narrator now says Slippy! Before the narrator said nothing, (credits to David V. KImball and the great Dean Harrington) It also has new icons, although you have the option to continue with the old icons as well, and an optional css icon, I left a folder for you to modify the character and make it better than a simple Fox clone.

Update 2: someone named HM05_USELESS made better alts for Slippy, it’s pretty cool work, probably in a few minutes after writing this I’ll update the character and replace or add those alts as new, here is the download link:

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aye good work on the stock icons mind if i use them in the real build