Akaneia HD Dolphin and Slippi Texture Pack

An add-on for the Definitive Melee HD Pack by David V. Kimball.


This HD dolphin pack is for the Akaneia v0.91 build. Stage select portraits are in-game screenshots of their respective stages. Text-based textures were remade in photoshop. Newcomers and their portraits are upscaled through several AI methods, switched out blurry/jagged ones for the clearer and smoother. Kept the best ones I could upscale. Stock Icons were upscaled in photoshop, which is good for pixel art



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Looks great!

Yessss, thanks for doing this!

Edit: ah, I see, looks like the portraits are just upscales. You should download the .blend files from the HD pack and add the Akaneia costumes that way! it’s more work but the end result would be more consistent with the other portraits.