Melee Default Music Pack (Full)

Default Melee MP3 Music Pack

Made for use with M’Overlay

Quick Download: (Scroll down for Windows & Linux Download) 

How to install:

  1. Download M’Overlay with the link above and set it up (Automatically Connects to Dolphin)
  2. Open M’Overlay, Press “Esc”, and in the general tab press “Open Config Folder”
  3. Download and Extract the .Zip at the bottom of the page.
  4. Replace “Menu Music” and “Stage Music” in M’Overlay Folder
  5. Make sure M’Overlay is set to “Melee: Rollback” in the Slippi tab, then restart M’Overy.
  6. Finally Enable Music in M’Overlay and Enjoy  🤠


Tracklist                                                                                                                      Main menu 

  • Menu (Extended)
  • Menu 2 (Extended)


  • All Star Rest Area (Extended)
  • Lottery (Extended) 
  • Targets (Extended)


  • Battlefield (Extended)
  • Multi-Man Melee (Extended)


  • Metal Battle (Extended)

Big Blue

  • Big Blue (Extended) 
  • Mach Rider (Extended)


  • Brinstar (Extended)

Brinstar Depths 

  • Brinstar Depths (Extended)


  • Corneria (Extended)

Dream land N64

  • Dream land N64 (Extended)

Final Destination

  • Final Destination (Extended)
  • Multi Man Melee 2 (Extended)


  • Giga Bowser (Extended)

Flat Zone

  • Flat Zone (Extended)

Fountain of Dreams

  • Fountain of Dreams (Extended)


  • Fourside (Extended)

Great Bay

  • Great Bay (Extended)
  • Saria’s Song (Extended)

Green Greens

  • Green Greens (Extended)

Hyrule Temple

  • Temple (Extended)
  • Fire Emblem (Extended)

Icicle Mountain

  • Icicle Mountain (Extended)
  • Ballon Fight (Extended)

Jungle Japes 

  • Jungle Japes (Extended)

Kongo Jungle

  • Kongle Jungle (Extended)

Kongo Jungle N64

  • Kongo Jungle N64 (Extended)

Mushroom Kingdom 

  • Mushroom Kingdom 1 (Extended)
  • Dr Mario (Extended)

Mushroom Kingdom 2

  • Mushroom Kingdom 2 (Extended)
  • Dr Mario (Extended)

Mute City

  • Mute City (Extended)


  • Mother (Extended)
  • Mother 2 (Extended)

Poke Floats

  • Poké Floats (Extended)

Pokemon Stadium

  • Pokémon Stadium (Extended)
  • Battle Theme (Extended) 

Princess Peach’s Castle

  • Princess Peach’s Castle (Extended)

Rainbow Cruise

  • Rainbow Cruise (Extended)


  • Venom (Extended)

Yoshi’s Island

  • Yoshi’s Island (Extended)
  • Super Mario Bros 3 (Extended)

Yoshi’s Island N64

  • Yoshi’s Island N64 (Extended)

Yoshi’s Story

  • Yoshi’s Story (Extended)

To use optional tracks simply remove them from their subfolders

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Music won’t play even when I did all the instructions, am I missing something?

Edit: Found the issue

Last edited 1 year ago by Coda

how did you fix it?

Did you use the HD remastered versions from Ultimate or just the original ones from Melee?