Modernized Stock Icons – HD

**FINAL UPDATE** 3/9/22

The following characters have been given visual updates:
Mario (Green), Luigi (Neutral), Yoshi, Ice Climbers, Jigglypuff

**UPDATE** 3/7/22

The following characters have been given visual updates:
Marth, Pikachu, Fox, Sheik, Roy, Captain Falcon, Peach

Some of the changes made to these characters (Marth, Peach, Captain Falcon, Roy, Icies, and Jigglypuff) have made their icons more difficult to differentiate between each other at a quick glance. As such, their old versions are still available if you wish to use them.


Up-scaled HD versions of the modernized stock icons for use with Dolphin! (All 26 vanilla characters)


1. Place the “Modernized Melee Icons HD” folder in the following directory (“FM-Slippi” is wherever your Slippi folder is located):

(If there is no GALE01 folder, you can create it)

2. Open Faster Melee (Slippi – Dolphin) and click on Graphics

3. Click on the “Advanced” Tab

4. Make sure “Load Custom Textures” under “Utility” is checked off (Enabled)

5. Enjoy 🙂


The tool used for up-scaling can be found here:

These icons are for Dolphin use ONLY, they CAN NOT be used on console.
If you would like to use the above icons on console, the original stock icons can be found here:


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[…] If you would like an up-scaled, HD version for use with Dolphin, click this link: […]

Unfortunately, I can’t find the FM folder 🙁