vinbin’s Dark and Clean SSS

vinbin’s Dark & Clean SSS

Didn’t want to stray too far from the vanilla feel of melee, but I wanted to make it a little bit easier on the eyes. 


  • Darkened border of stage icons
  • Darkened lines around screen
  • Removed needless text above stage’s name
  • Removed random artifacts in the background
  • Removed Stage Selection circle behind stage name
  • Cleaned up and made the stage selection cursor smaller
  • Changed background to space
  • Added Dreamland stage icon

You can now actually see the stage’s “hologram” animation when you hover over a stage! (never even noticed this before)

Hope you guys enjoy 🙂 #FREEMELEE

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hey i remember seeing the background of this sss as a scraped wip on smashboard. what exactly is the source of the background?

It’s a stock image of a purple spiral galaxy! pulled from google images 🙂