Moonlight Battlefield

Moonlight Battlefield **NETPLAY SAFE**

I return to the modding scene with my first stage mod, Moonlight Battlefield! Here’s a video of the stage if you would like to see it in action:


-New lighting

-Recolored stage

-A completely new background inspired by a screenshot I took of the background from the iconic scene in the Melee intro where Sheik and Zelda appear.

Download includes:

-Stage Preview Icon for the Stage Select Screen

-Stage Title Card for the Character Select Screen

Feel free to contact me via my Twitter or Discord (Eazy#2685) for any questions, comments, or concerns 🙂

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Very unique usage of the bay back ground! looks sick


Dolphin HD Textures sometime?

is this compatible with console melee? Stage never loads on Nintendont. 🙁

I don’t think this is made for Wii, since it crashes the game.