Icicle Smashville Overhauled

Overhauled version of the Icicle Smashville Stage.

works with slippi – works on console


  • UV tweaks
  • replaced wood textures with Icicle Mountain wood
  • Added background objects from Icicle Mountain
  • Restored background fog animation
  • Changed starting position and speed of the moving platform to give it neutral start
  • Slightly changed blastzone size
  • Working item spawns
  • Comes with SSS picture

This Stage can be imported over Battlefield using DAT Texture Wizard and be played with anyone that also has it.  Also included is a M-Ex Import .zip to import it as additional Stage using M-Ex Tool.
If anyone want’s to go ahead and make this stage import over a different Stage, feel free to do so.

Enjoy the Stage? Theres more where this came from!
This Stage was made as part of the Custom Stages Overhaul Pack, featuring 15 more overhauled custom Stages:
Custom Stages Overhaul v2


Stage import by Cjag
Models Resource by Peardian
Camera Adjustments by Uncle Punch
Replacing Smashville Assets with Icicle Mountain Assets and custom textures by RIOT!

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Replace FD or a non-legal stage if possible. That way we can still use battlefield as well. I’d love to see a stage like this replace FD in tournament tbh.