Animelee Namek Stadium

This is the stage featured in the Goku Fox vs Vegeta Falco DBZ Showdown!

The stage uses a modded version of the Animelee Remaster Stadium stage combined with the Namek Stadium environment originally made by KDY Gaming, with the added tweak of  Tiebex’s screen removal. Great work you guys!

This is a massive stage (over 3MB) and you’ll need to use Dolphin’s custom texture loading for the Dragon Ball graphic on the stage. It doesn’t work “unfrozen” and I would be amazed if it works on console, so it’s really only recommended for powerful PC’s. 

This skin is meant to be used with Animelee, which you can download here:

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Netplay safe / Slippi compatible (2.3.0 +) | No changes to hitbox/etc. | #freemelee

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Now we wait for the Animelee Mewtwo Freeza skin 😀

just wanted to let you know that the game crashes when choosing sheik/zelda and pokemon stadium with that skin… i am also using the animelee remastered pack. when i play without the namek skin, everything runs smoothly. dunno what it is but it’s really sad that i can’t play with it 🙁

Thank you for the reply <3
I will wait patiently for the final release ^-^
And you are doing an awesome job! Couldn’t play without Animelee :3