Mt. Battle, Orre | Pokemon Stadium


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High in the sky, in the Orre Region, battle it out on Pokemon Stadium in the stylings of Mt. Battle


Special Thanks to CJAG for helping me get this up and running, this wouldn’t be possible without them

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im tryin to import it in dat wizard but it wont lt me

Been havin’ the same issue and I still haven’t been able to figure out what’s causing it to not import via DatTextureWizard. If you happen to find out anything, lemme know pllllllls <3

Love the look of this but the stage is too big and doesn’t seem to match PS1 accurately which makes it difficult to see characters below the ledge properly, and misleading because you can’t recover against the wall or tech it accurately.

Hoping for a tournament accurate version because I’d make this my main PS1 texture in a heartbeat. (also not everything needs to be animelee-ified but this stage in particular would look really good, looks great either way)