Slippy Toad Alts

I liked the slippy mod but it was hard to differentiate when playing with more then 1 people. So I made alts that change more then just the hat. It also comes with new stock icons made by Brob thank you very much for that.

Find just the slippy mod here & learn how to add this character here

Find the original mod where this character originated from here

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[…] Update 2: someone named HM05_USELESS made better alts for Slippy, it’s pretty cool work, probably in a few minutes after writing this I’ll update the character and replace or add those alts as new, here is the download link: […]

the linked mod is not actually the original it was taken out of my mod

Last edited 1 month ago by Clevername22726

the link isnt the right credits its stolen from my mod cool melee

i gave you credits on the Slippy mod page bruh

i really like this, also, i made the icons for the 3 alts/skins, here the download link:

you can add them if you want, I would appreciate it very much